Weddings and special events

Whether you’re planning a wedding, graduation, birthday or business venture, we want your smile to shine on your big day. Even if the date is coming up quickly, we have a number of swift and discreet treatment options to enhance your smile.

Fast braces

If you have crooked front teeth or other minor smile imperfections, fast braces might be an option for you. These partial braces can fix mild issues in the front top or bottom six teeth in six months or less.

Teeth whitening

We offer affordable and effective teeth whitening treatment to help you achieve a radiant smile. This safe, at-home treatment will have your teeth bright, white and camera-ready within 14 days.

Invisalign® Lite aligners

For mild teeth straightening cases, Invisalign® Lite is a great option for fast results. The aligners focus on straightening your front six teeth and adjusting minor issues. This means you will be able to show off your new smile within six months.

Get ready for your big day

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