Fast braces

Do you have crooked front teeth you’ve always wanted to address? Or perhaps there is an event coming up that you’d like a stunning smile for? CLEARLY™ Orthodontics has multiple swift treatment options to transform your smile in six months or less.

Types of fast braces

Every set of teeth is different, so at CLEARLY™ Orthodontics we make sure we offer a range of the latest light treatment options to help find the right solution for your smile.

  • Invisalign® Lite - For people who don’t need comprehensive Invisalign® treatment, Invisalign® Lite might be the answer. These custom aligners focus on straightening your front six teeth, and adjust minor issues in just six months.
  • Invisalign® i7 - Our fastest Invisalign® treatment option, Invisalign® i7 is a discreet treatment for people with mild misalignments. It takes just three months to complete treatment with Invisalign® i7.
  • Inman aligners - The innovative Inman aligner looks a bit like a traditional removable retainer. It is controlled by a small coil spring that applies gentle pressure to align your front six teeth. This speedy treatment will help you achieve results in just 6-18 weeks.

Fast braces

Are fast braces suitable for me?

Most of our fast braces treatments are only suitable for correcting minor problems associated with the front six teeth, like mild crowding or spacing. They could also be beneficial for patients who have previously had braces but are noticing their teeth slipping back out of alignment.

Fast braces

See if fast braces are right for you

Your dream smile might not be as far away as you think. Book a free consultation to see what CLEARLY™ Orthodontics can do for you.

Fast braces

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