Metal braces

Metal braces are the original teeth-straightening method, and braces have come a long way. Modern metal braces are much smaller and more comfortable - with the same efficiency as ever.

How do metal braces work?

This tried-and-tested orthodontic method uses brackets attached to the front surface of your teeth and connected with a thin archwire. These two components are held together with small elastic bands that apply gentle pressure to your teeth and move them into the desired position.

Metal braces

Benefits of metal braces

Metal braces are the most cost-effective treatment option. They can also treat even the most complex orthodontic issues. Metal braces are extremely accurate, and a great treatment choice for all ages.

Metal braces

Cosmetic white braces

If you’re looking for a little extra discretion, CLEARLY™ Orthodontics also offers clear ceramic braces for patients of all ages. These braces work the same way as metal braces, but the ceramic material will help your treatment blend in with your smile.

Metal braces

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Metal braces

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