My Invisalign Journey –
Blog by Miss Teen Leicester 2016

Hi everyone! My name is Chloe Lake, I am 18 years old and the current Miss Teen Leicester 2016. I have been first runner up to Miss Teen Great Britain for the past two years! Thanks to everyone at CLEARLY Orthodontics, I will be rocking the stage smiling with my Invisalign aligners working their magic, not only creating the perfect smile, but giving me an all important confidence boost at the same time.

I have been receiving treatment from Deena and the team at Clearly for a number of months now – choosing to go to Clearly for orthodontic work has definitely been one of the best decisions I have made.

I had my first set of braces at age 12, for just over two years – these were the ‘train track’ type braces, and due to health complications, the results were not what I wanted or expected, and my confidence in my smile began to dwindle at this point. You can imagine, that as a young teenager, growing up with these self confidence issues surrounding my image was not an easy thing to do.

When I moved from my home in the North East, my younger brother, using Clearly’s NHS services, began receiving treatment for his overbite. It was during this treatment that my Mum discovered the alternative services that Clearly offers, including invisalign, clear braces, and many other different types of orthodontic work.

Invisalign teen

We booked our consultation and from that day we were absolutely astounded by the personalised service that we were given not only from Deena but from all of the girls as well. In the consultation, Deena carefully went through all of the treatment ranges, prices, pros and cons and we made the decision that Invisalign would be best suited to me, as I compete in beauty pageants, and also being 18, I did not want to get a fixed brace at my age.

And so the process begun! I remember feeling incredibly emotional seeing the video sent from the Invisalign labs of what my teeth would look like at the end of my treatment. It really ascertained that I had made the right decision, and I knew that Deena had listened intently to the hang-ups and issues that I had with my smile, in order to achieve the best result for me.

From finalising the video and receiving my first aligner, there really wasn’t much of a wait at all! I am now on aligner 13, and am loving the results so far! My smile is wider, the gaps that I had started with have already begun to close and after every visit to Clearly, I leave with a smile on my face.

If you have experienced anything like I have, and want to achieve your smile, I cannot recommend Clearly’s services enough. I am so excited to share my Invisalign experience, so book your free consultation and say hello! It does sound cliché, but changing my smile has given me a new lease of life!

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