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An excellent experience

My experience can only be described as excellent, the team are very professional, friendly and well informed. Deena’s ‘perfectionism’ certainly shows in my new smile. I would not hesitate to recommend CLEARLY Orthodontics to anyone.


Life-changing treatment

One of the best things I have ever done. I never thought my teeth would look this good, my confidence has grown and I no longer feel people are looking at my teeth. It's not just orthodontics, it is life-changing. Deena and her team are fantastic, they make you feel so comfortable. Could not be more happy and would recommend CLEARLY OrthodonticsTM. Thank you for everything.

Miss L Cobley, 28

A new smile

Thank you so much for my 'new' teeth, they are amazing. Not only have I got a new smile, but it has built my confidence so much. The actual steps before getting my results were so relaxed and you always seemed to calm me down and make me feel welcome. I will never be able to thank you enough for what you have done. I will recommend you to anyone who wants braces. Thank you again.

Miss H Bugg, 14

A friendly team

Throughout the treatment Deena has been lovely and positive. Every time I came in she was smiling and after taking a look, showed me how much I had improved. The treatment was great. All the team are so friendly and happy towards the patients, and they do whatever they can to make sure you get a perfect smile at the end. Many thanks for my new smile!!

Miss H Terrell, 13

Great recommendation

I am so pleased with the orthodontic treatment I have received here. I could never have imagined how different my teeth would look and with such a simple procedure! I would highly recommend Invisalign to anyone - it will change your life! Thank you so much to Deena and the team at CLEARLY OrthodonticsTM. They made the whole experience so simple.

Miss E Kent, 25

Professional treatment

I was a bit unsure at first about having treatment, I thought I was too old, but after my first consultation with Deena I was reassured that this would not be a problem. I am so glad I decided to go ahead. I can't believe the difference it has made. I'm really pleased with the results and looking forward to showing off my new smile. I would definitely recommend CLEARLY OrthodonticsTM to anyone - very professional, very friendly and they make you feel so welcome.

Mrs B Bains, 50

The best decision

I had always been very self-conscious about smiling and hated having my photo taken. This was all because of one particular tooth which stuck out, I was nicknamed the 'bottle opener'! When I started to plan my wedding, I decided that in order to fully enjoy my day, I needed to get my teeth sorted out so I could smile all day without feeling self-conscious. I can honestly say that having my brace fitted has been the best decision I have ever made. I am so pleased with the result and love my new smile! I feel like a new person and am so much more confident when speaking to people, smiling and having photos taken.

Miss E Geary, 33

What a difference

I can't believe the difference and it is so lovely to be able to smile without feeling self-conscious. Being over 50 makes it a little unusual to have a brace but it's well worth it in the end and I can smile for the next 20-30 years, perhaps even 40 years! Deena and the other staff were very welcoming and answered all of my, sometimes daft, questions. The treatment was almost painless, more slight discomfort. Remember you're never too old to get a lovely smile!

Mrs G McMinn, 54

The right decision

From the moment I had my initial consultation I felt reassured and confident that I was making the right decision in terms of both my treatment and the orthodontist treating me. I have enjoyed seeing Deena as she made me feel at ease at every stage of my treatment. Having had a fear of visiting the dentist this was a huge step for me to take and Deena was the support I needed to help me make this step. Now I can't stop smiling! My wedding was perfect because I had the confidence to smile all day. Thank you Deena for your professionalism, support and for my new found confidence.

Miss E Baxter, 31

First class service

Thank you so much to Deena and the entire team! I am extremely happy with my teeth and my confidence has shot up, as I never thought I would have straight teeth. I always felt important and the level of service was first class! I felt that Deena really cares about you and I would definitely recommend her to all.

Mr M Bulsara, 29

I don’t know where to start. The whole experience has been amazing! I can’t thank Deena and her staff enough. My teeth look great and I have this new found confidence. I would definitely recommend Deena to anyone I know who wants to straighten their teeth.

Miss D Daya, 27

As an adult patient I was unsure if treatment would be suitable, but was assured that I was an ideal candidate for fixed braces. After 12 months I have the smile I always wanted and am thrilled with the results. Massive thank you to Deena and the team.

Mrs S Curran, 42

I couldn’t be more delighted with my new smile; no more feeling embarrased but smiling with confidence. I hardly dared believe the result would be so good. Deena and her team were very kind and considerate throughout the treatment and explained each step beforehand. Exceptional - I couldn’t be happier.

Ms C Hemstock, 61

Before my treatment I had no confidence in myself, I wouldn’t smile or eat anywhere. Throughout my treatment, my confidence has improved a lot. Deena and all the staff are amazing and have done everything I could have ever asked for. They have given me the perfect smile and the confidence to do what I want in my life.

Miss C Wilson, 16

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