Child treatment (early treatment)

We recommend you bring your child in for their first consultation with a Specialist Orthodontist around the age of 7. That’s because prevention is the best form of treatment. Catching issues early on can help save you time, money and stress.

Why is an early consultation important?

When your child is around the age of 7-9, Dr Deena can check for signs of orthodontic issues before they develop or worsen. If we find something at this stage, your child may only need minor treatment and could avoid extensive treatment later on in life.

Child treatment

Will my child need treatment?

At your early consultation we are only concerned with identifying possible issues. If treatment is required we will advise you of your options, talk you through the process and recommend a potential start date. Your child will not be required to undergo treatment immediately.

Child treatment

Invisalign® First for children

If your child could benefit from orthodontic treatment, a wonderful way to ease them into it is Invisalign® First. This Invisalign® treatment is designed specifically for the growing smiles of children. It is gentle, convenient and helps make room for their current and incoming teeth.

Child treatment

NHS treatment

Children can be treated on the NHS assuming they meet the Department of Health guidelines and have been referred to us by their dentist. Bear in mind that waiting times before assessment and treatment can be quite lengthy with NHS treatment.

Child treatment

Give your child the gift of a smile

A healthy, beautiful smile is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Bring your child in for their first consultation with Dr Deena and the team at CLEARLY™ Orthodontics.

Child treatment

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