Metal braces

When most people think of braces, the image of a bulky metal contraption attached to the front of your teeth immediately comes to mind. It’s no wonder then that metal braces have been given the nick-name, train tracks. But these days, metal braces are much smaller and more comfortable to wear and just as effective in straightening teeth. 

  • Metal braces
  • Metal braces
  • Metal braces

How do metal braces work?

This tried-and-tested method of orthodontic treatment uses brackets, archwires and small elastic bands to apply gentle pressure to your teeth, moving them into the desired position. Each bracket is glued to the front surface of your tooth and is connected with a thin archwire. These two components work with small elastic bands to guide your teeth towards a straighter smile. 

Cosmetic white braces

For patients who do not want metal braces, we can offer a cosmetic white version. This treatment works the same way as traditional metal braces except the brackets are made of clear ceramic. This means they are very hard to detect and although a metal archwire is still used, it can only be seen on close inspection. Fitted to your upper teeth, they are a fast and reliable way to straighten your teeth. 

Benefits of metal braces

If you are considering orthodontic treatment, it is a good time to be doing so. Advancements in orthodontic technology means there is a number of options available for you in your pursuit of the perfect smile. Although metal braces are the ‘original’ orthodontic treatment, they still have their advantages, such as being the most cost effective orthodontic treatment option. 

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