Child treatment at CLEARLY OrthodonticsTM

Prevention is the best form of treatment. Catching issues early can help save you time, money and stress. At CLEARLY OrthodonticsTM we offer orthodontic consultations for children so we can identify possible orthodontic issues and prevent them from developing. Orthodontic treatment is very effective for children and teenagers as their bones and jaw are still developing.


Child treatment

Why is an early consultation important?

We aim to make your child’s first orthodontic experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. We will settle them into the chair, talk to you about the process and answer any questions you or your child may have. At their first visit we will examine your child's teeth and jaw to identify any abnormalities. If we find something at this stage your child may only need minor treatment and could avoid extensive treatment later on in life.

Child treatment

Will my child need treatment?

At your early consultation we are only concerned with identifying possible issues. If treatment is required we will advise you of your options, talk you through the process and recommend a potential start date. Your child will not be required to undergo treatment immediately.

Child treatment

Treatment for teens

We understand the teenage years are an important period in life and play a key role in your child’s development. Many teenagers are hesitant when it comes to orthodontics as they don’t want braces affecting their appearance; however, this should not stop your child from enjoying the long-lasting benefits of treatment. That is why we have discreet options available to make sure your child does not have to be self-conscious while improving their smile.

Invisalign Teen: Virtually invisible, easily removable and comfortable to wear, Invisalign Teen aligners are specially designed with teenagers in mind. The clear plastic aligners are so discreet even your best friend will struggle to realise you are wearing them. Plus, you can take them out to eat, play sport or go on a date. The blue dot wear indicator will also help you keep on course with your treatment.

Child treatment

NHS treatment

Children can be treated on the NHS although they need to be referred by their dentist. NHS treatment is available to children who meet the guidelines set by the Department of Health. Waiting times vary but it can be a lengthy period before assessment and treatment.