Adult treatment at CLEARLY Orthodontics

Always dreamed of having that perfect smile? At CLEARLY Orthodontics we believe it is never too late to receive life-changing orthodontic treatment. That is why we offer a range of options designed for adult patients leading busy modern lifestyles.


Adult treatment

Why adult treatment?

Adults will benefit from the same great orthodontic results as children and teenagers. Whether it is for cosmetic reasons or to solve spacing issues and improve your oral health, there is an orthodontic treatment to suit your individual needs. Plus the discreet treatments available will limit the effect on your work or social life.

Adult treatment

Types of adult orthodontic treatment

All of the treatments available at CLEARLY OrthodonticsTM are suitable for adults. Those most popular are our invisible treatment options. These include Invisalign, Invisalign Lite and Invisalign i7; white ceramic braces and lingual braces; and the Inman Aligner. What's more, with Invisalign aligners we can track the progress of your treatment via dental monitoring, an app on your smartphone, which reduces the number of check up appointments you need to come into the clinic for.

Adult treatment

Benefits of adult treatment

Orthodontic treatment isn’t just about improving your smile and overall appearance, though it is certainly effective in doing that. Orthodontic treatment is also essential for your overall oral health. All adults are advised to have regular visits to their family dentist. These visits are important for enabling your dentist to keep an eye on the health of your teeth and gums. He or she may advise you to see an orthodontist, but you do not need a referral to book a consultation with us.

If you would like to find out if you could benefit from orthodontic treatment, book a no-obligation, free consultation with us today and speak to our treatment coordinator about your options.