Why choose us?


Why choose Clearly Orthodontics?

1. Award-winning Specialist orthodontist

Our Consultant-level Specialist orthodontist, Dr Deena Savjani, is one of the leading Specialists in her field. Dr Savjani has over 25 years' experience in the field of orthodontics and has worked at Harley Street in London, clear recognition of her skills and expertise in this Specialist field of dentistry.

2. Leicestershire’s Diamond Invisalign Specialists

We are Leicester’s leading Invisalign providers. We have been granted Diamond Invisalign provider status in recognition of our experience treating patients with these virtually invisible aligners. As a Diamond Invisalign provider, CLEARLY Orthodontics is one of the leading Invisalign Specialist clinics in the UK.

3. Discreet treatment options so no one will know you’re having treatment

At CLEARLY Orthodontics, we want to give our patients a choice. If you don’t want to be seen wearing braces, you don’t have to be because we have a range of discreet treatment options available, some of which are so discreet people around you won’t even be able to tell you’re having orthodontic treatment.

Why choose Clearly Orthodontics?

    4. Fast treatment options to get you ready for your big day

    Weddings – there’s always so much to organise but when it comes to your smile, leave that to us. With our fast treatment options we can get your teeth ready for your big day, so you can smile with confidence and show off your pearly whites in those precious wedding photos.

    5. We can treat almost all cases with Invisalign and dental monitoring

    As experienced Invisalign providers, we can treat almost all cases with Invisalign’s virtually invisible aligners. What's more, we can track the progress of your treatment via our CLEARLY App, dental monitoring. An app on your smartphone means you don't have to put your life on hold to have orthodontic treatment. Dental monitoring gives you the flexibility to fit orthodontic treatment into your lifestyle.

    6. Monthly interest-free payments to help make treatment affordable

    We believe orthodontic treatment should be affordable for all our patients. Our treatment fees reflect our Specialist orthodontist's levels of expertise but are competitive and we have monthly interest-free payment plans available to help you spread the cost of your treatment.

Why choose Clearly Orthodontics?

7. Private patient car park and evening appointments available

When you come to our clinic for your free consultation or regular check-ups, we want each visit to be relaxed, enjoyable and easy. We have a private patient car park at our clinic so you can be guaranteed a parking space right outside, and we also make sure treatment fits in with your lifestyle by offering evening appointments.

8. General dentists send their family and friends to us for Specialist treatment

We place great value on working with other dental professionals in the community to deliver the very best orthodontic treatment for our patients. General dentists often refer their family and friends to us for treatment and when they do we work with them to keep them up-to-date on the treatment journey you are going through.

Why choose Clearly Orthodontics?

    9. Digital scanning technology which means no more sticky moulds!

    We aim to keep abreast of the latest developments in orthodontics, so we can provide you with the very latest, state-of-the-art treatments. That includes using digital scanning technology to take precise impressions of your teeth to ensure a custom-fit orthodontic appliance.

    10. Experts in treating patients without removing teeth unnecessarily.

    As orthodontists, the last thing we want to do is remove your teeth. Instead we want to ensure your teeth and jaws align and we can straighten your teeth into an ideal position without extracting any along the way. Our experienced team use orthodontic methods to reduce the need to extract teeth and get your great results.