Cosmetic white braces

For patients who do not want metal braces, we can offer a cosmetic white version. This treatment works the same way as traditional metal braces except the brackets are made of clear ceramic. This means they are very hard to detect and although a metal archwire is still used, it can only be seen on close inspection. Fitted to your upper teeth, they are a fast and reliable way to straighten your teeth. 

Who can wear cosmetic white braces?

This discreet method of braces is suitable for most patients. Because they use the traditional system of brackets and archwires, cosmetic white braces are an effective treatment for almost all orthodontic cases, no matter how severe. Although slightly more expensive than metal braces, cosmetic white braces are a popular option among adult patients in particular who don't want it to be obvious they are receiving treatment. What is more, the ceramic brackets won't stain so will remain virtually invisible throughout your treatment.

  • Cosmetic white braces
  • Cosmetic white braces
  • Cosmetic white braces

Benefits of cosmetic white braces

  • Brackets blend in with the colour of your teeth
  • Small brackets fit securely onto the front surface of your teeth
  • Can be used for major and minor orthodontic cases
  • Suitable treatment option for teenagers and adults
  • Great results at the end of treatment


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